SEM/SEO Balances

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Check the status of your domain and keywords

With our SEM/SEO balance report you can know the score of your domain or your competition in the search results of any search engine (Google / YouTube / Bing).

With this information you will be able to define and improve your positioning strategy in search engines and find the opportunities to invest in SEM, improve the SEO or even save your investment by turning off the investment if organic results are well positioned.

What can you do with Balance SEM/SEO?
What is our report like?

To do a good SEO you need to analyze SEM results and therefore to make a good SEM you need to analyze SEO results. If you find the balance between them for your most relevant keywords or more business you can save a lot of investment and effort.

  • If I do not appear in SEO I can invest in SEM.
  • If I have well positioned my keywords in SEO I can stop investing in SEM.
  • I do not appear and should then invest money and effort in both.

What grade do you have in search engines? And your competition?

In general, brands use different landing pages for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and sites or landings for SEO. When generating our report you will be able to choose the domain or domains on which you want to find the score, can be yours or the competitors, use the information as you prefer according to your research phase.

first part of SEM/SEO report to SEMminer

How do you know how much you can save?

We offer the option of connecting your Google Adwords account to our tool so that the report calculates the cost / savings of the keywords we have studied and thus find out how much investment you can save by having already positioned certain keywords in the natural or organic results

Google Adwords Calculate how much you can save by activating / deactivating certain keywords

Know which keywords you should use.

Our study analyzes the presence of your keywords in both SEO and SEM showing the results in this exclusive report and 100% actionable.

For each keyword shows the position (valued by colors) in both SEM and SEO, the volume of competition and our recommendations.

The value per keyword is shown by a color legend:

  • Green: Go on like this.
  • Blue: You're fine.
  • Yellow: You can improve.
  • Red: You must improve.
SEMminer SEM / SEO report of chosen keywords

Knowing if it will be easy or difficult

In the final closing, the report shows the following evaluations based on the number of keywords we have added and differentiating between payment results (SEM) and natural or organic (SEO) results.

  • Improvement Potential: what percentage we have left to improve our results for the keywords we have indicated
  • Degree of Difficulty: we can get an idea of how much complication we have to get better results for our keywords.
  • SEM and SEO: can we know the visibility of our keywords, do we appear more in payment or organic?
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SEMminer SEM / SEO report of chosen keywords

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How do I create an SEM / SEO Balance and when can I check it?

Create Project in SEMminer

1. Create Project in SEMminer

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Create Project in SEMminer

2. Three days of data collection

Create Project in SEMminer

3. One day of data analysis

Crear proyecto de Balance SEM SEO en SEMminer

4. Report available

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Sello de calidad SEMminer

We demand 3 days of data collection to ensure better detection of search results, more stable competitors or not, time, positions, visibility and a lot of variables that in only one day do not provide the minimum value that we impose.

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