Custom alerts

Monitoring and tracking your keywords in search engines

Alerts will notify you by email of certain personalized events in active studies. You can program an alert by country, search engine, SEM or SEO results or period. Alerts can be further customized to higher levels.


Protect your brand and monitor it

Protect your brand and monitor it
  • Who bid for brand in search engines?
  • When and how do they appear?
  • Do your affiliates misuse?
  • SEM or SEO keywords

Win the battle!

  • Detect them at any time/day
  • Screenshots (any search engine/country)
  • Custom notifications and warnings
  • Receive an email at the moment!

Pay only by keyword and day

We are 40% cheaper than other tools


Monitor your keywords

Monitor your keywords

You will receive email notifications

You will receive email notifications
Detection of unfair competition

Detection of unfair competition

Real time data with daily detail and time

Real time data with daily detail and time

Custom templates (legal emails)

Custom templates
(legal emails)

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What are the alerts used for?

  • I’m not in first position now!
  • Detect new & relevant competitors
  • Why has the CPC raised me?
  • I have fallen drastically from position
  • Someone is bidding on my Brand
  • Mark misuse (affiliates)
  • I’m not on page one results!
  • It fluctuates my position in organic
  • I want to evaluate my positioning in a month
  • My ranking has fallen drastically
  • I´m not to the top

How to use alerts?

To request the Alerts service you must have an Account with SEMminer. You can create it from here and we give you a free 10 € balance.

  1. 1Go to semminer
  2. 2Click on the button “Create new alert”
  3. 3Or you can create a new Project, and indicate in the available options, that it’s an alert.
How to request the AMA service
How to request the AMA service
  • 4In the Alerts section you will have to fill out a form to customize the alert:
  1. You can select the country
  2. Indicate the dates of the alert monitoring
  3. Which search engine do you want to monitor (Google, Yahoo, Bing...)
  4. Select reference domains
  5. And much more!
  • 5Every time that appears a match in the search engine, you will be notified:
  1. Email (Everyday or every time it happens)
  2. You can also check it in our notifications section of the tool
How to request the AMA service

Log in to my Account and create a new alert