Competitive reports

Our engine with Big Data intelligence analyzes the search results of any search engine in real time. Any search engine and country in the world; Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex (Russia), Virgilio (Italy), Baidu (China), Sapo (Portugal)…more tan 100 countries available

Using the keywords you can generate two types of study to detecta all your competitors and find out your online strategy.

Express Project
(Immediately Study)

You (or our team) choose the keywords of your current business/sector/Adwords campaign and, in just a few minutes and in real time, you can see how the search results are behaving.

24 /7 Project
(Detailed Studies per days/hours)

Choose the keywords of your current Adwords campaign/business/sector with the difference that you choose the duration of the study (minimum duration 1 day) to detect details of daily strategies, schedules, seasonality, strongest days of the week, maximum/minimum days of investment…


Immediacy & Quantity

Ideal to start. The first step is to select the most generic keywords in our business or industry.

This type of study is ideal to understand the sector in which we want to bid, find our competitors for certain keywords ...
Normally in less than an hour the study already shows results, but maybe it takes a little longer if it’s a study of more than 1,000 keywords.

Important data:

SEM Data Section (On the rigth Menu)
  • Relevant domains
  • Number of competitors per criterion
DETAIL SECTION (On the left menu)
  • Position of key domain criteria
  • Position of the main competitors


Accuracy & Detail

Ideal for focusing on certain keywords. Once we have analyzed the data of the express project, we select the most interesting words.

We program a 24/7 between 3 and 7 days depending on the urgency of the proposal. (Less time, less data quality if we want to do a more comprehensive daily/hourly analysis).

Important data:

DETAIL SECTION (on the left menu)
  • Competence by Criterion
  • Advertiser Relevance
  • Density per domain
  • Advertisers per day / hour
  • Visibility by day / hour
  • Ads / Copys
  • Most visible ads
  • Search engine proficiency
  • Positions
  • Status by domain
  • Status by criterion

At this study level, our tool provides CPC data or Cost Per Click per keyword

CPC Estimator (Cost per Clics)

Investment & Estimated Data

To evaluate the expenditure / investment of our competition has to be a 24/7 study. In the results we can see the graphs and remove more conclusions about the estimated investment that your competitors can have for those keywords. The longer we have the study collecting more accurate data will be the results. At least we recommend 3 days.

Important data:

Dashboard Section
  • Investment by domains
  • Investment by criteria
Detail (left menu)
  • Density by criteria (volumetric graphs)
  • Domain Density