Account Manager Assistant

Your online campaign manager for hours

The support raised to the highest excellence

An Account Manager or Expert Consultant / Manager in online positioning that helps you for hours.

Its cost is 30€/hora and is requested through our tool requesting budget based on the need.

We have a large team of consultants and managers all over the world with high experience in campaign optimization / management.

AMA. Account Manager Assist

What can the AMA service do?

We analyze the data
for you

We choose the keywords of your business, we investigate the market and we detect the opportunities.

We use SEMminer for you

  • Create value propositions to capture your customers.
  • Analyze the sectors / industries of your prospects.
  • It detects new opportunities in Spain and other countries.

Consulting and proposals

We analyze your website , your Analytics account, market, sector, competition, opportunities ...

We advise and advise you

  • Access exclusive information with daily and hourly details.
  • What is the strategy of your competitors?
  • How do other brands act and how much do they invest?

Campaign creation and / or management

We create, manage and optimize your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns on different paid advertising platforms.

We create and optimize your accounts

  • Google Adwords.
  • Twitter Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads


We make reports for your meetings internal, teams, direction or clients to make strategic decisions.

Your Custom Reports

  • Your Brand or SEMminer.
  • Customized delivery:
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Request your budget now

Ask it

Our customers say ...


  • Save on costs now that your investment is very small.
  • Hire for hours the actions you need.
  • Avoid bad experiences due to lack of resources or favors.
  • Hourly Experts.

Marketing Agencies

  • Save yourself the selection of staff for such ephemeral positions.
  • Prevents equipment over-saturation in workloads.
  • Sofistica to your customers / accounts / team.
  • Improve your account tracking techniques.
  • Get "second opinion" when you're stuck.
  • Delegate the work.
  • Comply with times and forget about being wrong with customers.

Freelance / Consulting

  • Save costs and monetize your expenses.
  • Sofistica and value your hours.
  • Added service and value reinforcement.
  • A resource when you do not get to everything.

For necessary moments you save yourself to look for new profiles with the wear and tear that supposes and controls the expenses when you are small and you are starting.

Diego López Salazar


We love the model and it is a good and economical solution for periods of maximum account collection, work saturation or changes in the equipment.

Digital Agency Zizer
Roberto Macedo


The processes are quite automated. You request it from the tool itself and on the expected date you receive the material or the service and everything is done online. Support is another advantage.

Original Consulting Consulting
Mónica Maurer

Original Consulting

How to apply?

To request the A.M.A service you must have an account with SEMminer. You can create it from here and we give you away 10 € of free credit.

  1. 1Enter our tool
  2. 2Click on "New Project +"
  3. 3Select the AMA section of the available options
How to request the AMA service
How to request the AMA service
  • 4Within the AMA section we will be able to choose the option that suits us best:
  1. I want you to use SEMminer for me
  2. Help create a campaign from scratch
  3. Help optimize my ideal campaign
  4. I want reports for my meetings

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